Threads 2023

Threads vs. twitter..

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Do you think soon or little later Threads will be such able to capture or compete with the global social platforms like twitter …
could it be possible meta to do that…?
here, you get some of the major difference between Threads and Twitter.

  1. Threads Does not Support Edit Mode
    Twitter allows premium users to edit tweets, but in concurrent moments, Threads does not allow its user to edit or make changes after creating any Post.

2.Web access Flexibility
Currently, Threads has not any web version. It is only available as a mobile app. whereas Twitter is accessible on any browser.

Threads Twitter social platform

3.Direct Messaging
The direct Messaging feature is not available in threads but Twitter allows its users for this function.

4.Unavailabity to use the hashtag
Unlike platforms like Twitter, Threads users do not have the option to use hashtags.

5.Threads lack customizable alt text for images and videos whereas Twitter allows this feature for its users.

6.Unlike Twitter, threads do not have a dedicated section for trending topics right now.

7.Threads currently intends to remain ad-free for now, but Twitter shows ads, which could be a big point for threads to become user-friendly.

8.Threads cannot embed posts on external platforms like blogs. but Twitter allows users to generate embedded post links.

9.Unlike Twitter, Threads does not offer a chronological feed, instead, it uses a randomly generated meal.

10.Threads allow users to post 5 minutes videos, Whereas Twitter limits it to 2 Minutes and 20seconds only

11.Account Requirements.
Users need an Instagram account to use Threads, whereas Twitter can be accessed independently.