8 Things we should never do in life… 

Things we should never do in life... 
  1. Never accept disrespect from anyone for any reason, walk away however important things are.

  2. Never  ruin your present happiness just because of any past incident.

  3. Respect all but suspect all, blind trust is blind.

  4. Never take a loan more than 30% of  your net worth, however lucrative opportunities appear to be.

  5. Never judge people for caste, skin color, looks ,sex or wealth, or you will lose a lot in life.
  6. However inquisitive you are never ask people their income, or you will instantly lose respect.
  7. Never work in stress, unless you want to waste time and energy and mess up things, just take a break.
  8. Never take back a cheater unless you liked being cheated again and again. Cheating is a habit, it’s not a mistake .

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