20 Profound Quotes about life lessons a wise man would share…

Quotes about life lessons 1
Quotes about life lessons 1 )No One is Perfect.

The quicker this is realized the faster you can get on with being excellent. Start every morning ready to fight harder than you did the day before and run further than you ever imagine.

2)Avoid over explaining yourself.
Be confident with who you are.
Quotes about life lessons 3) Keep balance in your life.
Write down what’s most important to you and show up. Sometimes we tend to do the things that are most important to us when it’s written down.
4)Play the hand you were dealt.
Have the courage to face challenges head on it builds character. Start looking for a way through instead of a way out.
Quotes about life lessons 5) Be a student of life.
Learn something new every day. The day you stop learning is the day you become obsolete so keep learning.
6)No Excuses.
Quotes about life lessons  no excuse

Quotes about life lessons 6 is Stop making excuses replace them with ways to do better. Excuses are a waste of time and energy.

7)Let others know where you Stand.
Be uncompromising and be up front when someone steps on your core values.
8)Never be afraid of a challenge.
You put on your shoes like every other man. Now it comes down to who wants it more.
9)Service to others.
Quotes about life lessons 9 is service to others . Small, simple or important be a volunteer and give the very best of you.

10)Work like hell.
Everyone has a job to do so do it. Cross every “T” and dot every “I”.

Quotes about life lessons 11) Discover You.
Find your passion, life purpose, and take action.

12)Don’t take it Personal.
Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself self confidence shows that you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Quotes about life lessons financial strength for life

13)Manage your time.
Our situation and environment is ever changing so be careful not to confuse the things that are urgent with the things that are important. Look for time wasters and eliminate them.

Quotes about life lessons 14) Ask for help.
Life can be tough remember you never have to do it alone.

15)Do your homework.
Know what you getting into before you start. Doing your homework reduces uncertainty and fear.

16)Day Dream Often.
Quotes about life lessons 16 is, On the weekend when you are relaxing

Quotes about life lessons  dream big

embrace a day dream. During the week take action to preserve your dreams.

17)Be A HERO.
Cultivate a healthy dose of forgiveness and set someone free. Learn to forgive others and stop carrying those bags of hate, guilt or regret.

18)Stay One Step Ahead.
Be proactive, Take the initiative, Brainstorm with the big picture in mind.

19)Self Love. Become your own priority. Strive to be the you, you want to be.

20)Finish what you started.
Quotes about life lessons 20 is to Avoid the urge to stray.

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